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Great teaching must be one of our most valuable resources. Think of all the ‘break through’ moments you’ve experienced and the person sharing the space with you so often is the one that taught you. It is said that a good teacher leads a student to the door of their own experience. What more could be said about what we want from a study than to get to the point where the understanding, enjoyment and achievement are our own, to continue to enjoy and develop according to our own interests.

In the very nearly 35 years that I’ve been involved teaching music I can think of few things as rewarding and exciting as working with interested, passionate people towards the development of their musical understanding and their playing ability. This has been and is happening with all ages and backgrounds of individuals. Children and adults are actively stimulated by their involvement in the dynamic world that is music.

Teaching_03_375pxChildren are naturally musical, always singing, dancing and generally being ‘infected’ by the world of sound that surrounds them. Introducing a child to a musical study helps them expand their imaginations and helps them grow in understanding of this wonderful energy that they’re feeling. I find that the children benefit greatly from being introduced not just to the piano but to some of the formative elements of music itself. I’ve witnessed children develop a clear sense of every sound of the scale in a matter of weeks through some of the simple singing that we do together to start a lesson. I’ve marvelled at how some the young ones can create fascinating intricate rhythms by being shown how logical and simple rhythm can be. When a child can take this kind of insight to the piano with them, the learning and playing on the piano is just that much more fun. Music is not ‘rocket science’ and certainly when you watch kids having fun playing this is only too evident. Music making is a joyful experience and I make every effort to keep this enjoyment alive in the lesson.

Teaching_02_375pxAdults often harbour a life long desire to play a musical instrument. For this reason it comes as no surprise to me that so many develop into such fine musicians. I’ve had the welcome opportunity to work with many, many adults during my time teaching and I have to say it is a very pleasurable experience and one that I look forward to. There are so many pleasures to enjoy when studying music as an adult; the renewed sense of play, the ‘absolute’ distraction that music becomes, (it’s impossible to think of the office when you’re playing, your mind is way too busy doing music for any other thought to intrude), the growing power of concentration and most of all the involvement in something really, really beautiful. It doesn’t matter what your goals are when you start, I guarantee that you will surpass them in short order. I can help you grow in your understanding and enjoyment well past what you may have dreamt.

All ages of people and all levels of ability can learn to play and enjoy music. I’ve done everything within my ability to be in a position to help anyone develop a healthy, happy relationship with music. No matter what your starting point, no matter what your area of interest, I can help you build a nice life with music, guaranteed!

Teaching_04_375pxFor more ideas and information on playing and learning or my thoughts on teaching and music and art please move around the site, some of the Video section will give you ideas on different levels and styles of music, the Musings section will have thoughts and articles that will help inform you, the Bio section will give you an idea as to my credentials, the Testimonials will share what some people have thought and experienced as we’ve worked together. Feel free to contact me at any time to get a more complete picture of what is possible for you in the world of music.