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I have had the pleasure of helping people of all ages and levels of ability develop an enjoyable, pleasurable relationship with music. I hope that as you browse this site you will find the encouragement and inspiration to respond to your musical desire.

The act of making music can be one of the most fulfilling and agreeable sensations that we can experience. The great Canadian pianist Glenn Gould described the making of music as an ‘ecstatic’ experience.

We are all naturally musical, the rhythms and melodies of life affect all of us. We can enjoy the pleasures of creating our own musical experience. We can all experience the joy of realizing our own musical dreams whether our desire is to play our favourite songs or to explore the treasures of the classical repertoire.

Welcome-3_350pxWhether you are young or “older”, experienced or not, I invite you to engage your creativity and imagination in the fascinating, stimulating and exhilarating world of music making.

If you are looking for a passionate, dedicated teacher who will take your interests to heart and who has developed the ability to guide you to your highest level of enjoyment and musicality there is no need to look further.

All ages of people and all levels of ability can learn to play and enjoy music. I’ve done everything in my ability to be in a position to help anyone develop a healthy, happy relationship with music. No matter what your starting point, no matter what your area of interest, I can help you build a nice life with music, guaranteed!

For more ideas and information on playing and learning or my thoughts on teaching and music and art please move around the site, some of the Video section will give you ideas on different levels and styles of music, the Musings section will have thoughts and articles that will help inform you, the Bio section will give you an idea as to my credentials, the Testimonials will share what some people have thought and experienced as we’ve worked together. Feel free to contact me at any time to get a more complete picture of what is possible for you in the world of music.